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World Leading Aftermarket Clamps

Choose between standard band and V band aftermarket clamps with two fastening options to cover both the American and European OEM clamp designs. Dual fastening is available on either side of the clamp or side by side. Our European clamps feature a superior fastening system achieved through a self-locking thread form. This ensures stability during vibration, preventing the clamp from loosening after prolonged use.

Clamps can be customised with your part number, company logo, website or any other details you would like to feature on the products. Clamps and kits can also be packaged in branded boxes or sleeves to promote your company.


Band Clamps

Our current collection of clamps are manufactured to OEM standard for multiple popular truck brands such as Scania, MAN, DAF, Cummings, Detroit Diesel and many more. Band clamps can be incorporated with built in gasket materials, such as graphite and mica.




V Band Clamps

When purchased alongside the accompanying gasket, our V band clamps can be pre-assembled during packing to aid with a quick and easy installation for the end user. Both fastening options are available.

Alterations can be made to the overall measurements of the V band clamps, including the measurements for the V form, to create a totally bespoke product. Likewise, OEM clamps can be reverse engineered to prevent you from ordering from multiple different suppliers.

Aftermarket clamps

Clamps for Other Industries

V band and band clamps can also be provided for industries outside of automotive, such as aerospace, marine and the oil and gas industries. If these style clamps are unsuitable, then we encourage you to contact us with your requirements and we can design the best clamp to meet your specifications.

You can choose to purchase either the clamps or gaskets separately, or if you choose to purchase both as a kit, then these can be delivered pre-assembled to help with a fast and efficient installation.